2022 Year of The Unicorns

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  • Tech Education

    Bizology Ventures Tech Education Programs are committed to teaching, growing and servicing tech founders and student entrepreneurs in building, launching, and deploying their startup idea in the 21th Century.

    Bizology Ventures serves student entrepreneurs and tech founders throughout the US.

    Our business and technology professionals partner with Non-profit organizations, Universities and High Schools program directors to provide the following tech education programs to tech founders and student entrepreneurs:

    1. Lean Startup Courses
    2. Accelerator Programs
    3. Business Development Workshops

    Email: programs@bizologyacademy.com for more detail information about our Tech Education Programs

  • Software Development

    Bizology Ventures CTO-as-a-service Software Development Partners assist startup teams on designing, building and launching the following digital products:

    Mobile Apps


    Video Games

    SaaS Applications

    Internet of Things

    Enterprise Systems


    Smart Sheets

    Big Data

    Virtual Integration

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Augment Reality

    Bizology Ventures CTO as-a-service development team work side-by-side with co-founders from idea stage to product launch.

    Email: services@bizologyacademy.com for more information about our Development Services.

  • Bizology Venture Partners

    Bizology Ventures invite investors to join our mission in addressing the economic disparities amongst minority founders. Our core mission is to provide exposure and inclusion to minority founders and changing the faces of tech founders and venture capitalist throughout Northern America.

    Investment Portfolio

    MyLegalCoverage, Inc. (MLC)

    Attorney Coverage Marketplace For The Legal Gig Economy

    Founded: 2017

    Number of Founders: Two

    Stage: MVP

    Raising: $250,000.00

    Use of Funds: Development, Hiring, Marketing

    Email: investor@bizologyventures.com to request additional information about our MyLegalCoverage, Inc.

    Smart BOXi

    Food and groceries delivery smart box for COVID-19 no contact delivery orders

    Founded: 2020

    Number of Founders: Two

    Stage: Prototype

    Raising: $100,000.00

    Use of Funds: Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing

    Email: investor@bizologyventures.com to request additional information about our Smart BOXi, LLC

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