About the Author

About the Author

Former Chief Operations Officer of Wendy Williams Digital, Inc.     
Founder of Bizology Academy and Bizology Ventures
Founder of MyLegalCoverage, Inc.
International Public Speaker
Self-Published Author

Domain Experience
AJ Nolton, MBA has over 2 decades of experience assisting fortune 100 companies, multi-national corporations, technology startups and government agencies with a broad range of business development and legal management operations. Nolton domain experience consists of lean startup coaching, business development and technology innovation management.

Educational Background
Nolton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Studies and later attained an MBA distinction in International Business Affairs from Keller Graduate School of Management, located in Center City, Philadelphia. Nolton is an alumnus of the Prudential Young Entrepreneur Program and National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurs. In 2002, Nolton was awarded with the National Business Plan Winner of NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurs) Wall Street, New York (Chapter).

Nolton also earned his American Bar Association – Paralegal Studies Certificate from Fairleigh Dickinson University and Project Management Certificate from NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology).

Business Executive
Nolton is the Founder of Bizology Academy and Bizology Ventures where he manages the day-to-day business operations of the company. The core initiatives of Bizology Academy and Bizology Ventures is to support,
educate and invest in emerging technology startups throughout the United States and surrounding regions.

Strategic Partnerships
Bizology Ventures partners are experienced investors, validated business managers and savvy tech executives who are committed to changing the world through teaching and investing in cutting-edge innovative. Our team have combined our collective domains to build and deploy high-impact startups in the following sectors: Gaming |Internet of Things | Enterprise Systems | Mobile Application | Blockchain | Smart Sheets | Big Data| Virtual Integration | Cloud Infrastructure | and Augment Reality.

Bizology Ventures has partnered with US Universities such as Rutgers Business School (CUEED), and Temple University Fox School of Business to host an 8 week Lean Startup Accelerator Competition for tech founders. The program is geared to accelerate the learning process and building life cycle of young innovative companies, as well as educate and mentor co-founders on building, testing and launching disruptive startups for the 21st century technocratic society.