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7 Step Audiobook For Startup Founders. Learn How to Turn Your Idea Into Billions

A Message from Our Founders
Bizology Academy audiobook is committed to teaching entrepreneurs the step-by-step roadmap to building, launching, and growing the technology startups of tomorrow. The Academy’s methodology is premised upon Silicon Valley’s best practices. Our Startup lesson plan challenges entrepreneurs to test their entrepreneurial vision before investing enormous hours building non-validated business models.

Bizology Academy’s audiobook provide new founders with Lean Startup best practice strategies. The lesson plan provide a detailed step-by-step roadmap to building a winning startup from idea stage to product launch. The audiobook serves as a how-to-startup manual for the 21st Century entrepreneur.

About our Master Coaches
The Bizology Academy is a team of technologists and business development instructors who are committed to educating future entrepreneurs on how to build, manage and deploy technology startups.

Bizology Academy’s Co-Founders
Name: AJ Nolton, MBA
Title: Co-founder/ Chief Innovation Officer
Former COO of Wendy Williams Digital, Inc. 

Name: Max Volkov
Title: Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer
Former CTO of Wendy Williams Digital, Inc. 

Bizology Academy’s Core Mission
Bizology Academy’s core mission is to educate, guide and coach the next generation of startup entrepreneurs on the science of web and mobile application development.